Ixchel Suárez Textile Artist
Ethereal Dance
fibre sculpture
20 cm. H X 26 cm. W X 16 cm. D
Music, dance...and Air.
My life has been touched by music having grown in a family of musicians and dancers. This piece inspired me to work on open warps and light materials (in colour and senses). Not only because I studied ballet for quite a long time, and now in the these past years I have been also exploring the movements of fabric through Flamenco Dance. The movements of the body related to the flow of the fabric are what this mini textile brought to mind. The combination of soft-silk, strong-cotton, rough-yute and cold-metallic threads is, I believe, the perfect balance when you think about Flamenco: sensual and yet strong beats .The air that flows between woven layers captivates the essence of the movement and makes the full concept be one.
$ 300.00 CAN
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